Why Us

Why Us?

We put the focus on the people

While there are plenty of providers to choose from in Arizona, CAP sets itself apart from the rest. We recognize the value of providing quality staff and comfortable homes for our clients and believe that a little extra training, a fresh coat of paint, and a trip to the state fair can go a long way. While we put a strong emphasis on assisting our members in learning individual skills, like emotional coping and money management, we also stress the importance of developing relationships with our clients. All CAP team members are encouraged to create a family-style atmosphere within each group home through sit-down dinners, group outings, and client input on menus and activities.

We understand that in the fast-paced, technology-driven society we live in today, it can be easy to let personal relationships fall by the wayside. In light of this, CAP maintains a fun but comfortable atmosphere in our group homes by putting the focus on the driving force behind our company: people. We take pride in our clients’ happiness, love to see their smiles, and work hard to make sure their needs are met. We provide quality benefits and various modes of learning for our Direct Support Professionals, including classroom instruction and one-on-one training. Even our administrators embody the idea of teamwork and collaboration through weekly meetings, interdepartmental feedback, and an “all hands on deck” attitude.

We are FUN

Ask any of our clients or employees, and they will tell you all about our phenomenal holiday parties. Full of pumpkin-carving contests, tacky sweater competitions, decorations, food, and prizes, our holiday parties are not worth missing! We love to see our clients get into their creative and competitive spirits as they decorate gingerbread houses for their group homes or try to win the pumpkin-carving competition, all without sacrificing their basic needs. We maintain dietary restrictions by offering sugar free and gluten free snacks, and we partner with a local catering company to provide only the best meals. There is a little something for everyone at these parties! Not only do we know how to throw a great party, but we enjoy accompanying our clients out for group activities. Some of our clients’ favorite outings consist of bowling, going to the zoo, and attending sporting events. Trust us when we say that you or your loved one will not only be well-provided for, but have a great time living at CAP.

“Working together to enhance the lives of people with special needs.”

We are committed to quality services and quality people

We maintain strict adherence to all DDD policies and have implemented procedures to ensure our employees are well-trained. Grocery shopping is done within our group homes to guarantee that dietary restrictions are maintained, and our administrators conduct weekly, biweekly, and monthly group home monitoring simulations. This keeps us honest, our group homes clean and safe, and gives us the chance to connect with our clients on a more frequent basis.